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Taj Mahal Sunrise Tour

Overview :

“Spend the day touring superb Agra on this tour from Delhi. visit the stunning Taj Mahal, and tour the grounds with your particularly-qualified neighbourhood tour guide. Gain knowledge of in regards to the history, design and structure of this remarkable landmark. discontinue at fortress Agra, see the baby Taj Mahal ( Itmad-ul-Daula) and end your day with views of the solar surroundings over the enduring Taj Mahal from the Mehtab Garden.”

Itinerary :

1. Pick up and drive to Agra Via Yamuna Expressway

The trip from Delhi to Agra takes about three hours. once you arrive in Agra, you’re in for a deal with our Taj Mahal Tour Guide.

2. Reach Agra & Meet & Greet with Taj Mahal Tour Guide

Your first discontinue is at the Taj Mahal, and you’ll be simply in time for sunrise. See just how lovely the majestic palace appears under the stunning rising sun before you head out with your tour guide on a tour of the grounds.

3. Breakfast in Multi Cuisine Restaurant

After Explore Sunrise Taj Mahal Agra Tour Guide will take you to Multi Cuisine Restaurant for breakfast. great place to have a delicious Breakfast near Taj Mahal.

4. Visit Agra Fort – Another Historical Palace in Mughal History

Visit Agra Fort – Another Historical Palace in Mughal History, Large number of Places inside Fort. One of the Place Name Mussamman Burj ( Jasmin Tower ) where Emperor Shah Jahan was house arrested by his own son. Nice view of Taj Mahal Can bee is seen from Here.

5. Arts & Crafts Places

When it comes to handicrafts, Agra undoubtedly has a rich and boastful legacy that has withstood the test of time. From Marble Inlay Work and jewel-encrusted fabrics to elegantly sewn embroideries and dexterously crafted metal curios, each one of these handcrafted pieces is deeply rooted in the region they originate from.

6. Enjoy Lunch in Recommended Restaurant

Agra boasts of many dishes you could have on no account heard of or tasted before. Made during winters, makkhan ka samosa is a soften-in-your-mouth delicacy fabricated from butter as an outer overlaying and stuffed with a subtly sweet mix of mawa, cottage cheese and nuts. well, we take you to certainly one of 5-superstar hotel Trident to your Lunch.

7. Drive Back to Delhi

After exploring all day in Agra one representative meets you and take feedback about the tour and see off – Drive back to Delhi and give departure with Happy Memory.

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